STI WARNING Big Brother’s Kieran Lee reveals he’s had sex with 350 women

The former Ex on the Beach lothario has been giving the housemates an insight into his bedroom skills

BIG Brother’s Kieran Lee has admitted to having sex with a staggering 350 different women.

The former Ex on the Beach lothario – who also works as a honey trapper – revealed his saucy secret during an intimate chat with housemates about his bedroom skills.

When asked if he’d slept with 350 women, he replied: “Give or take.”

“But I go out five, six times a week, I lived in Ibiza for seven weeks.”

As for whether he’s ever had an STI, he said: “I’ve not had many really, no… everyone has had it. Chlamydia.

“I was clean in Ibiza,” he added.

That was directed towards Big Brother newcomer Isabelle Warburton, who romped with Kieran when they previously met in Ibiza and admitted during the steamy chat she’d had the same STI.

Kieran strenuously denied passing it on to her, saying: “She text me and I was clean. You f***ed up there sweetheart! It wasn’t me!”

Isabelle, however, said: “It was him!”

The whole revelation prompted fellow housemate Savannah O’Reilly to chastise Kieran and Isabelle, pointing out condoms are available for a reason.

Kieran also gave everyone an insight into his bedroom skills, saying: “I once went to a girl’s house, watched a full film for an hour and a half, went upstairs, got unchanged, started, went in, came out, went in, then just went boom. Literally that quick.”

Kieran entered the BB house with employer Rebecca Jane, who hires him to serve as a “honey trapper” for her Lady’s Detective Agency which aims to stop cheating partners.

Rebecca and Kieran have slept together in the past.

Kieran may have found his woman number 351 as well, after flirting up a storm with Marnie Simpson in the house and agreeing to take her on a date once he leaves – although there’s one sexual fantasy she won’t be fulfilling for him.

Writing in her weekly Star magazine column, Marnie, 25, said: “I do fancy Kieran – he’s said he’s going to take me on a date when he gets out!

“Rebecca said he likes golden showers, which I need to question him on. He certainly won’t be getting one from me!”

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