Randy cops go on the rampage in Hamburg hosting a public sex party and naked striptease in a migrant camp before being sacked from G20 duties

Massive romp and booze fest leads to around 220 officers being sent home – but they earn legendary status among clubbers

A TEAM of hard partying Berlin police officers caught boozing and having open-air sex have been relieved from duty at next month’s G20 summit in Hamburg.

Nearly 300 of the cops arrived in the port city Sunday and were housed in a container camp originally built for refugees.

The plan was for them to undergo training with thousands more police from across Germany to protect the heads of state who will attend the summit.

But they were seen having sex in public and urinating in a group on fences.

Nearby neighbours complained about “party noise” from the camp and property damage was reported.

“One female officer was seen dancing on a table dressed only in a bathrobe with a weapon in her hand,” said Berlin paper BZ, which published photos of them posing with their drinks.

At least one officer was also involved in a fight with a colleague from Wuppertal.

Berlin police confirmed on Twitter on Tuesday morning that the around 220 officers had been sent home in disgrace.

But club-barmy Berlin celebrated the wayward lawmen.

“Barely 10 days before the meeting of the world’s political elites, Berlin’s operation team has fulfilled its function as role models and organised a great party – traditionally costumed in uniforms, with music and excessive live performances,” Berlin’s Club Commission said.

In a tongue-in-cheek congratulatory message, the commission’s spokesman Lutz Leichsenring promised: “We’re holding a few guest tickets for you in the club of your choice on your return.”

Berlin’s leaders failed to see the funny side. Berlin Senate spokeswoman Claudia Sünder said “we are shocked” while interior minister Andreas Geisel called for an internal inquiry, saying “if the accusation turns out to be true, the police must look into this thoroughly.”

“Yes, we partied,” the Berlin police acknowledged in a statement on Facebook, with the slogan “human”.

Two officers were celebrating their birthdays, they said, and their colleagues decided to throw a party.

“They drank, danced, pissed and, yes, apparently also bonked, as our press officer put it so well,” the police statement said.

But it said that “inside our uniforms are human beings” – young men and women who carry heavy responsibility.”


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